Masuod Taghizade has started his professional music carrier about 3 years ago, and he attended his musical classes with help of singing classes under instructions of some greatest professional well known teachers.

His fallowing artwork was recorded in 2014 and it is Masuod’s 1st album, which is his first official release. The album is going to be released in a wide range.

The following composers were working on this album : Shahab Akbari, Gholamreza Sadeghi, Omid Hajili, Majid Rezazadeh, Hoseyn Torkashvand, Hamed Baradaran, Saman Jalili, Kooshan Hadad, Mehdi Fardi …

So far, Masuod has released about 30 single tracks with cooperation of the country’s most known music arrangements are soon to be able to download the album from music websites.

New Music

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